By Bryan Talbot

Part of the universe of 2000 AD, Termight is Earth in the far future, the hellish capital of a decaying and cruel galactic empire. Crowded and dystopian, it achieves the impressive feat of making Mega-City One look like a decent place to live in comparison. Termight's architecture consists of skyscrapers shaped like stalactites and stalagmites (dubbed 'stalscrapers') dangling from the roof or projecting from the floor of a vast underground cavern called the abyss, ostensibly designed to protect humanity from a universe full of hostile aliens. The main cities of the abyss are called Mausoleum and Necropolis.

The citizens of this crazy subterranean world where the concepts of 'up' and 'down' are as twisted and perverted as those of 'right' and 'wrong' are accustomed to creeping about like insects on walls that are also floors, and floors that are also ceilings, thanks to surfaces being coated in a special magnetic substance. Termight is ruled by Grand Master Torquemada and his Terminators, a cadre of knights committed to the complete extermination of all 'impure' alien life. Its name perfectly encapsulates the Terminators' world view: humans are indistinguishable drones destined for subjugation, and force is the only good.

Conformity is ensured by the Thought Police, equipped with thought-detector vans, and by purity meters in each apartment which register any alien life-form. Dissidents are sent to the vapourisation vats. The population of Termight are subjected to relentless propaganda and lead fearful, stunted lives, always aware of Torquemada's supreme rule: Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave!

When Purity Brown  became President of Termight, she renamed it Terra.

Rulers (in chronological order)

Known inhabitants

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