Terrahawks look-in

Terrahawks art from Look-In


Terrahawks Annual


Tiger Ninestein

The Terrahawks, unlike Gerry Anderson's previous puppet based TV series', never really took off in comics form. They featured in Look-In in 1983-84, but aside from three illustrated Terrahawks Storybooks (which had no strip material) the only Terrahawks comic publication appears to have been a single Terrahawks Annual published in 1983. The TV series itself lasted until 1986.

Series Premise

Set in the year 2020 AD, Terrahawks followed the adventures of a special taskforce (the Earth Defence Squadron based at the Hawknest in South America) set up to protect Earth from invasion, their principal (and, indeed, apparently only) foes being Zelda and her androids from the planet Guk. Led by the aggressive and bloodthirsty Dr. Tiger Ninestein, the ninth clone of Dr. Gerhard Stein, the team included Captain Mary Falconer (pilot of Battlehawk), Captain Kate Kestrel (pilot of Hawkwing), Lt. Hawkeye (gunner of the Hawkwing), Lt. Hiro (Commander of the Spacehawk) and the robotic Zeroids, floating globes led by Sgt. Major Zero and Space Sergeant 101. The Terrahawks were theoretically under the overall command of Colonel Johnson, though Ninestein really called the shots.

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