Terence H. Bave (born Bristol, 1931) was a comics artist who entered the industry in 1967 (after several years of supplementing his income with freelance cartooning), working for Odhams on Sammy Shrink in the title Wham! He later created Baby Whamster and Baby Smasher for the company, as well as working on existing strips including Leo Baxendale's Grimly Feendish. When Odhams became a part of IPC, he began working on their various humour titles such as Whizzer and Chips, Whoopee!, Buster, Cor!!, Shiver and Shake, Monster Fun, Krazy Comic, Jackpot and Wow!, on strips including Odd-Ball, Chalky, Willy Worry, Toy Boy, Calculator Kid and Richie Wraggs. He remained with IPC well into the 1980s, but in the 1990s began drawing for D.C. Thomson's humour titles, including the Beano. In 2007, a rumour circulated (and was reported in Crikey!) that he had died, but this proved not to be the case, and in 2013 he published his autobiography, Cartoons and Comic Strips.

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