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Synopsis for "The Psychic Jungle"

A collection of stories from past Doctor Who Annual's plus reprinted material from The Dalek Chronicles in TV Century 21, two wholly new and original text stories (The Vampires of Crellium and On the Slippery Trail) and various features related to Doctor Who. Published 1976.


The indicia lists this book as being published by P.B.S Limited of Manchester, but it was actually a World Distributors publication printed in Italy as part of the Typhoo Tea Company's Doctor Who tea card promotion (see below for cards). It was originally available only by mail order, and later as a WH Smith exclusive. Some of the material used was later reprinted in Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and Doctor Who Special: Journey Through Time.


The character of Harry Sullivan appears in two stories, The Psychic Jungle and Neuronic Nightmare, both reprinted from that year's Doctor Who Annual. Curiously, in the first story he vaguely resembles action hero Garth, while in the second he has a moustache. Neither version, however, looks anything like the dark-haired, clean-shaven Harry of the TV series. Even more oddly though, they also looked nothing like each other, despite the same artist (Paul Crompton) having drawn both! (See his entry for the evidence.)

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