Halo Jones poster
The Ballad of Halo Jones was a strip by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson (with lettering by Steve Potter and Richard Starkings) which first appeared in 2000 AD. Book I was published in progs 376 to 385, book II in progs 405 to 415 and book III in progs 451 to 466. Three of the strip's characters also appeared in prog 500.

The story features the adventures of Halo Jones, a young woman from a circular floating housing estate in the 50th century. The series initially depicted her friendship with Rodice, Brinna, Ludy and Toby. Halo subsequently got a job on a starliner, met the mysterious Glyph, and a decade later joined the army with her new companion Toy Molto. By the end of the series she was in a relationship with the army's intimidating leader, Luiz Cannibal.

The tone of the series became much darker as it progressed, with the war sequences heavily influenced by the Vietnam War. Halo was created to be an ordinary woman who did extraordinary things, and the universe she explored was a rich and detailed one, with Alan Moore's consistently inventive and surprising conceits lovingly brought to life by Ian Gibson's vivid, sprightly pictures. The Ballad of Halo Jones is easily one of the best strips that 2000 AD has ever produced, and one of the highlights of Alan Moore's career. The fact that it was brought to a premature end by an intellectual property rights dispute is a crying shame, but the three books there are (out of a planned nine) remain a jewel in the crown of both creators.

In 1987, the series was reprinted in a limited series by Quality Comics.

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