Complete Bojeffries Saga Alan Moore Steve Parkhouse
The Bojeffries Saga is a series by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse which first appeared in Warrior #12, published by Quality Communications in August 1983. Three more episodes appeared in Warrior between then and July 1984, with a fifth turning up in the American publication Dalgoda published by Fantagraphics. Between May 1989 and April 1990, four more stories were published in issues #1-4 of the anthology title A1 by Atomeka Press, and a fifth in the A1 True Life Bikini Confidential in February 1991. All ten stories were reprinted in a collected edition (pictured) by the American company Tundra Press in 1992 (the four Warrior episodes had previously been reprinted in Flesh and Bones #1-4 from Upshot Graphics). A proposed new series intended to be launched in 2005 never saw print and Parkhouse stated that there would be no more stories, but Moore's frequent collaborator Kevin O'Neill stated in 2008 that Moore still intended to finish the saga.

The plot

The Bojeffries Saga focuses on an eccentric English family from Northampton (the home town of Alan Moore) made up of vampires, werewolves and other assorted monsters who regularly become involved in absurd situations. Characters include family patriarch Jobremus Bojeffries, his daughter Ginda and son Reth, "the baby" (which seems to be nuclear powered), Uncle Raoul (a werewolf), Uncle Festus (a vampire), and the amorphous Grandpa Podlasp, with early episodes also featuring the hapless rent collector Trevor Inchmale.

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