The Eyeballs in the Sky was a recurring theme from the long running newspaper strip The Perishers by Maurice Dodd and Dennis Collins. Every year, when the four 'kid' characters went on holiday to the seaside resort of St. Moribunds, Boot the dog would go to look in on the Crabs in the Rock Pool, who had effectively formulated a religion around this annual event, the appearance of a phenomenon they referred to as "the Eyeballs in the Sky" because all they ever saw of Boot were his eyes and nose. Generally, the Eyeballs storyline would go on for a couple of weeks and would usually involve a clash between two factions of "crabkind", one led by a priest or prophet figure who believed the Eyeballs to be a godlike entity dedicated to punishing them for their iniquity, the other led by a scientist who was determined to prove that the Eyeballs did not, in fact, exist. This, the scientist would often do by creating a rocket or other such device which the priest warned would "rend the fabric of the Pooliverse". Meanwhile, other crabs would be watching the proceedings while heckling, fighting or (implied) fornicating. There was a great deal of innuendo and coarse humour in these sequences, which enabled the creators to enter areas which the main 'kid' strip did not allow for. Traditionally, each storyline would end in a strip which was basically just one huge panel of absolute chaos.


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