The Super-Heroes was a weekly comic launched by Marvel UK on 8th March 1975, initially featuring reprints of American Silver Surfer and X-Men strips (issue #1 also included a free Silver Surfer poster). When the initial batch of Silver Surfer reprints ran out, they were replaced by The Cat (from issue #30), and from #23 Marvel's version of Doc Savage (a licenced character) also began to appear, while later issues included Giant Man, The Scarecrow (from the American title 'dead of Night'), The Thing (from 'Marvel Two-In-One') and, from #49, the Black Knight. The title was cancelled following issue #50 (14th February 1976) and merged with 'Spider-Man Comics Weekly, which changed its title to 'Super Spider-Man & the Super-Heroes' for a time. A Super-Heroes Annual was published in 1978, featuring Thor, Spider-Man and the Silver Surfer, and another the following year starring Thor, Silver Surfer and

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