The Ten-Seconders
The Ten-Seconders is a comic strip created by Rob Williams and Mark Harrison. It describes how a race of god-like super-beings have taken over Earth, and gets its title from the life expectancy of the courageous humans who lead the insurgency against them. It was published in 2000 AD, and there were three series plus one Christmas special:
  • 'The American Dream' by Williams and Harrison (2000 AD prog 2006, continued in progs 1469 to 1479)
  • 'Make. Believe' by Williams, Dom Reardon, Shaun Thomas and Ben Oliver (2000 AD progs 1578 to 1588)
  • 'Godsend' by Williams and Edmund Bagwell (2000 AD progs 1839 to 1849)
  • 'Harris's Quest for the Perfect Xmas Pint' by Williams and Bagwell (2000 AD prog 2014)

The first two series have been published as a trade paperback (pictured), which can be purchased here. The picture on the cover is by Cliff Robinson.

Rob Williams explains that "The theme of The Ten-Seconders was the American comics market versus a more British, 2000 AD sensibility. This small, struggling group of rather acerbic, violent individuals were fighting a war against a global superhero epidemic. So there were lots of quite parochial British references from the resistance... contrasted with these big, over-dramatic, bombastic superhero archetypes." (Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop.)

Some fans were enthusiastic in their praise for the strip. Rob Spalding from West Sussex told Tharg that "the sheer ghafflebette brilliance of The Ten-Seconders has brought forth a need to voice my joy... The characters of our heroes are easy to warm to, and the different Gods are just fantastic." (2000 AD prog 1482.)

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