The Titans #1

300px-Titans Annual 1978 Vol 1 1
300px-Titans Annual 1977 Vol 1 1
The Titans Vol 1 was the first Marvel UK title published in their short lived 'landscape format', and was launched on 25th October 1975. A 36 page title, each issue nonetheless reprinted around 60 pages of material from American Marvel titles by the simple expedient of shrinking them down to half size and presenting them two pages to a page with a thick black dividing line separating them, and putting the spine at what would normally have been the top of the comic! Strips featured included Captain America, Sub-Mariner, The Inhumans (from the US 'Amazing Adventures' title), Captain Marvel and Nick Fury, with later issues also featuring various other strips including the X-Men, the Avengers, Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider. Many issues contained wholly original centrespread pin-up posters. The title was cancelled after issue #58 (24th November 1976) and merged with Super Spider-Man with the Super-Heroes, which became Super Spider-Man and the Titans for a time (Spider-Man had also by this time briefly adopted the landscape format).

Annuals and Pocket Book

The Titans Annuals were published in 1977 and 1978 (the first featuring Captain America, Sub-Mariner and the X-Men and the second the Fantastic Four and the Black Widow), and the title was revived as a Pocket Book starring Captain America, Iron Man and Thor for a further 13 issues from 25th September 1980-12th November 1981 (at least one issue of the pocket book was double sized).