Weeping Angels

Real name
Weeping Angels
The Lonely Assassins



The Weeping Angels are one of the most mysterious races of predators in the universe. Seemingly all female, their origins are unknown, but they feed off the time energy of living beings, zapping their victims back into the past and then consuming the temporal energy of the lives those victims will now never live in the present. They have a unique self-defence mechanism, in that if they are observed, they immediately become "quantum locked", almost indestructible but immobile statues. They have repeatedly clashed with The Doctor and his companions, notably Amy and Rory Williams. They hardly ever communicate (see below), but when they do it is abundantly clear that they are intelligent and malevolent. The Angels like to make people terrified for fun, and they have stated that, given enough energy to power them, they would consume all of time and space.

Powers and abilities


Able to manipulate time, banishing their victims to the past while consuming their stolen futures; "can't ever die," according to River Song; can drain the energy from lights; can generate a low-level perception filter.


The Angels can move incredibly fast when not being observed. In the absence of time energy they can nourish themselves with "drive burn energy, cracked electrons [and] gravity storms." They have been known to deadlock doors and computer systems, and they can strip the cerebral cortex from a victim in order to reanimate a version of the victim's consciousness which they can use to communicate (the Angels themselves have no voices). Also, anything that holds the image of an angel, becomes an angel, which basically means that you can't take your eyes off them, but you can't look at them for too long either.

Strength level



They immediately become immobile statues if observed, even by their own kind, and consequently can never look at each other. This is probably why they reproduce by making, well, reproductions of themselves in people's pupils and on television screens. Also, they can feel pain.



Once used a category four starliner called the Byzantium.


Their touch is deadly.


The Weeping Angels were, of course, created for the Doctor Who TV series by writer Steven Moffat in 2007. They were introduced to the world of Doctor Who in Comics by Robbie Morrison and Daniel Indro in Titan Comics' Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol 1 in 2015.


When the Weeping Angels have been deprived of nourishment for a long time (i.e. centuries) they lose their wings entirely, and their other features are eroded. This is reversed when they have access to energy again. (NB: the 'losing their wings' bit might also be protective camouflage, because they will need prey most when they are starved, and people won't think that they're angels if they don't have wings.)


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