Ampney Crucis
Sinister government potentate: "Lord Ampney Crucis has the potential to become our greatest ally... or enemy. We must wait and see which side he chooses..." 2000 AD prog 1616.

Ampney Crucis: "You can call it by its name, I'm not embarrassed. I went mad, plain and simple. It was thanks only to the tender ministrations of you all that I returned from the brink, for which I am eternally grateful."

Aunt Grace: "And yet, when I look into your eyes dear boy, I cannot shake the feeling that you did not come back unscathed... or alone..." 2000 AD prog 2010.

Ampney Crucis: "Thank Heavens! I don't think I could have endured a minute longer... I'm simply gasping for a pink gin!" 2000 AD prog 1671.

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