By Steve Parkhouse

Grant Morrison: "We liked to attack beloved characters like the Queen Mum, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, etc. I think we were right to take on these sacred cows — in most cases they've been revealed to be as idiotic, venal or downright corrupt as we imagined. Big Dave was a response to a decade of thoughtless, ignorant political correctness, anti-sex and girls in flat shoes. I'm quite proud that we managed to correctly identify that huge incoming wave of fun, sanity and sex which made the early 1990s so enjoyable, and then became so stupid and ugly." Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop.

Colonel Bates: "Death hung like a shroud all around me. Rent-men, poll-tax collectors, police officers, social workers, health visitors. The corpses of anyone who dared to intrude on the high-rise charcoal abyss Dave called home." 2000 AD prog 842.

Big Dave: "No money! No giro! Somebody's really going to SUFFER for this!" 2000 AD prog 845.

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