Brigand Doom (narrating): "Nothing can stop me now. They think they can stop the truth with lies. They're telling the people they've created paradise on Earth. Lies. They're telling the people the City is crime-free. Lies. It's time for the truth." 2000 AD prog 718.

Brigand Doom: "This city has had its time. The people have become soft. Brigand Doom will save you all from a life of servitude. It's so easy to throw off your bonds. Just do as I say and I won't hurt anyone else. Dismantle the council. Switch off the machinery. Let the people return to the soil." 2000 AD prog 766.

Child: "Hey, mister. Why do you smell?"

Brigand Doom: "I'm dead. Dead people always smell." 2000 AD prog 815.

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