Call Me Kenneth
Call-Me-Kenneth: "Death to the fleshy ones!" 2000 AD prog 10.

Call-Me-Kenneth: "Call-Me-Kenneth likes doing bad things!" Ibid.

Call-Me-Kenneth: "Robots who don't work hard enough are disciplined... But even when they are punished robots still obey a new law of robotics... to love, honour and obey me... Call-Me-Kenneth!" 2000 AD prog 14.

Dredd: "There was a human just like you back in the twentieth century. His name was Adolf Hitler!"

Call-Me-Kenneth: "Yes! I'm a big fan of Adolf Hitler." Ibid.

Various robots: "Hail Call-Me-Kenneth!" 2000 AD prog 15.

Call-Me-Kenneth: "Fire... hot... burning me... bad pain... not allowed... Call-Me-Kenneth forbids it... CALL-ME-KENNETH RULES...!" 2000 AD prog 17.

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