Chief Judge Silver

By Cliff Robinson

Zombie Silver

By Carlos Ezquerra

Narrator: "For a while he slept. It was cold down there in the dark. His nostrils had rotted away, so he couldn't smell the stench... but he could feel the softness of his companions, feel them spilling their pulped innards all over him, covering him in death's black ooze. And he could feel the cold. So he got up. Up through the thousands of empty human shells, whose hollow sockets gazed in condemnation. Condemnation? Yes, that's what he deserved. He'd been responsible for the deaths of sixty million human beings. It was night, and for a moment he thought death still held sway... But not, this was not that night — that eternal darkness. The stars were out. They'd never shone during the bad days. To see them again was... he'd have cried if he could. He saw the city far away, its myriad lights glinting silver and gold in the night. His city. He was king of the city, that much he knew. Its greatest warrior chief, who ruled with iron and blood... and who'd betrayed his people. He needed forgiveness so much. So the dead king set off to reclaim his throne... and to beg his people for absolution." 2000 AD prog 733.

Zombie Silver: "Where Kraken was Death's puppet, I... I was his pet. I'd been a... a king... and now I was just a dog. The days turned to weeks... and months. I remembered... who I was and little... else. The memory tormented me every... every second of my... existence. The worst times... were when they came back from the... the slaughter. Ten thousand at a time they'd kill, and... then they'd return to survey their domain. And Fear would tell them the... the total of those... judged... And Death would... would say 'Only the beginning'... and they'd torture my body to match my... mind... I could still... feel... and they knew it... All the time they'd... hiss into my ear, that I'd... I'd betrayed my city to them... and they thanked me. I'll never forget the... the voices... Kraken hated me. The others... despised me, but Kraken hated. He knew it was... my fault. I listened to Odell... and ignored Dredd's judgement on him... I had so many chances to... to consign him to... peaceful oblivion... Instead I'd given him... living hell. He ripped... ripped my heart out... and crushed it in front of me... every day." 2000 AD prog 734.

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