By Googe and Caldwell

Clive 2

By Googe and Caldwell

Simon: "You stole it from the government."

Clive: "That is a spurious allegation! They stole my idea! I was just taking back my I.P.!" 2000 AD prog 1824.

Clive: "A dimensional convergence! My calculations supposed the probability to be negligible. Fascinating! I assume in this dimension we don't co-habit?"

Rufus: "Don't mind him, mate. No one knows what he's on about." 2000 AD prog 1919.

Clive (looking at giant robot): "Goodness! She's... she's... she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" 2000 AD prog 1920.

Clive (editing DVD): "No, definitely not that scene. Too much shaky-cam and somewhat inconsistent mise-en-scene."

Simon: "Plus it makes you look a bit of a screaming prat who's severely lacking in the 'to boldly go...' department." 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special (2015).

Clive: "We'll almost certainly meet them again, if my theories are correct about us possibly being characters in an ongoing—"

Kevin: "Tea, anyone?" 2000 AD prog 1977.

Simon: "Rufus mate! Great to see you! How could I ever have forgotten you existed!"

Sam: "And we got Clive back too. Oh... good." 2000 AD prog 1980.

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