Dictators of Zrag

By Eric Bradbury

Burt: "You horrible horrors!" 2000 AD prog 223.

First Dictator: "At last — Tharg is ours! We can cube him up forever!"

Third Dictator: "No! The evil of thrill-power is too insidious, too potent. We must eliminate it for good!"

First Dictator: "The crime is thrill-power!"

Second Dictator: "The sentence is..."

Third Dictator: "Death!" 2000 AD prog 386.

Alien journalist (interviewing Tharg): "Ah yes, your mortal enemies ‘The Dictators of Zrag’. Or ‘The Pacifist Philosophers of Zrag’, as the rest of the galaxy know them. Any comment, Mighty One, on the harassment and defamation court cases that they've successfully brought against you?" 2000 AD prog 2061.