Dirty Frank 2

By D'Israeli

Dirty frank

By Carl Critchlow

Dirty Frank by Henry Flint

By Henry Flint

Judge Thora: "You're a very good-looking man, Frank, you know that?"

Dirty Frank: "Dirty Frank is gay." 2000 AD prog 1425.

Dirty Frank (dressed as Father Christmas): "...suffering? Grief? You know nothing of suffering and grief until you have watched your comrades bleed out face down in the snow, as Dirty Frank has..."

Small child: "WAAAAHHHH!" 2000 AD prog 2006.

Dirty Frank (narrating): "Dirty Frank is not mad. Dirty Frank is just more... imaginative than most, that's all." 2000 AD prog 1631.

Dirty Frank: "You know, Dirty Frank is rather enjoying this suddenly. Once one accepts that one has bear-hugged full-blown barking there is great comfort in the bright lights and noises of the wibble-wibble show." 2000 AD prog 1805.

Judge Smiley: "If an individual makes the total decision to become someone else... there really is no need to remember who one was previously. Or what one saw... Wally Squad, I think, Judge Frank. I could use someone in Wally Squad. Someone trustworthy I know I can count on one of these days..." 2000 AD prog 1809.

Dirty Frank (narrating): "Everyone has faith in something... Damaged, brutalised and diseased, perhaps... but still Dirty Frank's city. And it will not die today!" 2000 AD prog 1811.

Dirty Frank: "PROTECT THE CHIEF JUDGE IN AN OVERTLY MACHO MANN-- [gets kicked in the face] Ow. Night night." 2000 AD prog 1812.1

1Dirty Frank finally got to protect the Chief Judge in an overtly macho manner, involving a Lawmaster and an H-wagon, in 2000 AD prog 1947.

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