Feek the Freak by Ian Gibson

By Ian Gibson

Feek the Freak

By Massimo Belardinelli

Feek: "Ace be rich! Feek get paid at last! Hee hee hee!" 2000 AD prog 240.

Feek the Freak: "Gangway! Wife in pursuit!"

Chiefy Pig-Rat: "More speed, Feeky! She's gaining!" 2000 AD prog 269.

Ace Garp: "Feek, ya was a niffy [smelly] little bag o' bones. Most o' the time, you gave me a pain in the eggs [bum]. But you was a zippo engineer [excellent engineer] — an' more than that, you was my buddy. Ten-ten [goodbye], bony crony! See ya hotside [in Hell]!" 2000 AD prog 276.

Chiefy Pig-Rat: "Feek is gone — but not forgotten.
The engine room still smells rotten.
But all the same, I miss him so —
No hee hee! And no ho ho!" Ibid.

Narrator: "Though of disgusting habits, Feek the Freak is a first class engineer." 2000 AD prog 284.

Feek the Freak: "All those in favour abandon workers' co-op, hand back power to maniac captain..? Most reluctant — but unanimous! Definite no hee hee!" 2000 AD prog 394.

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