Finn 2

By Jim Elston and Kevin Wicks


By Mick Austin

Finn by Elston and Wicks

By Jim Elston and Kevin Wicks

Mandy: "You're a man... you're expendable." 2000 AD prog 807.

Finn (narrating): "The Newts have a thousand ways of keeping us in thrall... One of the most effective being the pharmaceutical industry... The wide range of tranquilisers have turned that body into the new thought police..." 2000 AD prog 809.

Finn (narrating): "I am the beast Finn. My blood surges to the thrill of the hunt. The scent of the prey is rich in my nostrils." 2000 AD prog 812.

Finn: "I know what you did to my species... I know how you managed to screw us up... You did it with words... You took the singing, happy, innocent herds of humanity... And gave them the awkwardness of language... Through words, everything that was natural to us was taught to be unnatural... Through words, we could no longer understand one another and went to war... The word was the sword. Through words, you drove us to acts of madness against women..." 2000 AD prog 815. (Also, what the flip?!?)

Eve: "Sounds more like a weirdo romp for overgrown kids to me, Paul."

Finn: "That's exactly what it was. Who wants to be an adult? They've done enough damage. Anyway — ours is a pretty fun religion." 2000 AD prog 927.

Eve: "I've always been attracted to goddess religions. I guess it's the African in me. I've always thought that somehow nature was watching me... trying to communicate with me." Ibid.

The Crusadeer: "Dark force of the animal! Servant of the harlot!" 2000 AD prog 936.

The Crusadeer: "Wolf who preys on the sheep! You have ignored the crook of the shepherd of light! Now feel his staff!" Ibid.

Finn (narrating): "Some people think what we do is wrong... The way we live... But they've been brainwashed into rejecting their Beast roots and adopting some strange form of purity that involves not being a human at all... No wonder we screw up the planet — we don't feel we belong to her... an alien has told us he's our parent, our father. ...But some of us were always too stupid to listen... thank you mother!" 2000 AD prog 949.

Finn (narrating): "Witches who practise our kind of craft are not strangers. We have all put ourselves on the line for what we believe... So when we meet, it's like lovers who've never seen each other before!" 2000 AD prog 996.

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