Browne 2

By John M. Burns

Elderly Browne

By John M. Burns

Kek-W: "I'm fond of ALL The Order. Intuitor Browne is probably my favourite though. And Ritter, of course." Twitter.

Intuitor Browne (to Calhoun): "The others are... afraid of me. You are not." 2000 AD prog 1962.

Starkey: "I always s-said that Calhoun was a bad 'un."

Intuitor Browne: "Yes. Yes, you did, Mister Starkey. But it was prejudice that informed you, not empirical evidence. God, I hate horses. Hate their smell, their size, their... unpredictability." 2000 AD prog 1964.

Intuitor Browne: "I am not afraid. I feel... very little. Some spark in me is missing. I come alive only when presented with an insoluble riddle — an enigma. You cannot know what that is like. Others mock my manner, my mode of speech. They fear my... difference. I see it in their eyes. Yes, I will beg you. But for one thing only. Either kill me or let me join you, Anna Kohl." 2000 AD prog 1966.

Intuitor Browne: "I desired only to be... accepted. To find others like me."

Calhoun (offering hand): "Isn't that what any man wants?" 2000 AD prog 1969.

Intuitor Browne: "You use carrier pigeons because your aetherwave crystal-set has a limited range. But what if you sent voice messages from on high? Or used a longer receiving wire?"

Francis Bacon: "I thought you said you had no imagination." 2000 AD prog 1970.

Intuitor Browne: "'The Drab Man', they called me — and not always behind my back. Other men thought me odd, emotionless. An unsmiling savant." 2000 AD prog 2021.

Intuitor Browne: "No. Do not resist, E.R.G.O. Let us talk to it, befriend it... Make it... stop." 2000 AD prog 2022.

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