Early Fear

By Dave Kendall

Kek-W: "When you think about it, that iconic Bolland punch was Fear's downfall: his first appearance was virtually his last hurrah: it was all downhill from there in. That punch made the guy a potential loser: he met the one man his power didn't work on — so where does he go from there?" Interview on Facebook.

Judge Fear: "Who isss it? Who daresss? Isss it you, Mortisss? Do you plot againssst me? Or isss it Fire, here to asssasssinate me?" 2000 AD prog 1948.

Judge Fear: "...Seriousssly, you can't tell I've had any work done, can you? Moisssturisser, that's the sssecret..." 2000 AD 40th Anniversary Special.

Sister Psiren: "What're you...?"

Judge Fear: "Dark ops. Infiltration. Creating uncertainty and terror. My sssspeciality." 2000 AD prog 2029.

Judge Fear: "Every nightmare you had when you were sssmall. Every time you were cold or alone... that wasss me." 2000 AD prog 2032.

Narrator: "He says nothing. Does nothing. He's like an echo in her head. An awful, unspeakable thought. Her mouth fills with vomit. Her bladder and bowels loosen. Can't breathe. There's a weight on her chest. Everyone she ever loved dies over and over again." 2000 AD prog 2033.

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