Judge Fire headshot

By Garry Leach

Judge Fire by Dave Kendall

By Dave Kendall

Judge Fire: "Foolss! You dare to resisst uss — you, who have failed in your duty to judge your own people! Now YOU mussst be judged!" 2000 AD prog 227.

Reveller: "Hey, that's some fancy dress, bub! Good party, was it?"

Judge Fire: "For you, the party isss over, lawbreaker!" 2000 AD prog 421.


Judge Dredd: "Keep dreaming!" 2000 AD prog 1919.

Judge Fire (thinking): "Ssshe obliterated herssself rather than sssubmit to... me." 2000 AD prog 1946.

Judge Fire (to Judge Fear): "Hmm. May I propossse a contessst to... liven up our day? Thossse two buildings. Ssshall we sssee which of usss can clear one firsst?" 2000 AD prog 1948.

Judge Fire: "Failed for insufficient cruelty, Cadet Bryant. Never ssshoot a citizen when you could —"

Lawrider: "Incoming priority call!"

Judge Fire: "I have to take this. The rest of you, kill Bryant — and ssshow some damn imagination and flair!" 2000 AD prog 1980.

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