McGruder by Steve Dillon

By Steve Dillon

Chief Judge McGruder to victims of Grubb's disease: "For Mega-City One to survive you must stay here — until you die. I'm sorry. Your names will join the list of those who gave their lives so that our city may live." 2000 AD prog 277.

Chief Judge McGruder: "Sometimes a little deception is necessary, for the good of the people!" 2000 AD prog 280.

Chief Judge McGruder: "As Chief Judge of Mega-City One we would like to say, on this sad occasion: farewell, brave citizens! Your sacrifice was not in vain! Unfortunately, if we did we'd be lying — 'cos if ever there was a tragic, pathetic, downright senseless way for sixty million people to cash in their chips then this was it." 2000 AD prog 702.

Chief Judge McGruder: "Oh yeah... Joe... we was never two for politics, but just right now we're tryin' to get the Isle militia to sign the Judicial charter... be diplomatic, huh?" 2000 AD prog 727.

Dredd (thinking): "Dear old McGruder. They'd had their differences, but she'd meant well. A good woman." 2000 AD prog 1280.

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