2000 AD prog 418 cover

By Robin Smith

Mortis by Dave Kendall

By Dave Kendall

Judge Mortis: "We will bring law to the Mega-Ccity! Jussstice without limit — deathhh without end!" 2000 AD prog 419.

Judge Mortis: "I bring you releassse from the wayss of wickednessss!" 2000 AD prog 421.

Judge Mortis: "Deathhh isss sssweet!" 2000 AD prog 422.

Judge Mortis: "Decay in peacce, lawbreaker!" 2000 AD prog 425.

Judge Mortis: "Rejjoicce! You will transgresss no more!" 2000 AD prog 426.

Judge Mortis: "Sssso young... Yet sssso sssteeeeped in sssinnn! I will grant you resspite from your wickednessss! I will relieve you of the terrible burden of your livesss!" 2000 AD prog 689.

Judge Mortis: "How quickly the living revert to type. Anger, vanity, aggression... you cannot be trusssted to control your petty emotionsss." 2000 AD prog 1947.

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