By Henry Flint

Major Smith: "Kali... ten out of ten for balls. Minus several trillion for running head on into a vac-fight without confirming support." 2000 AD prog 1303.

Kali: "First kills! Feels damn good, doesn't it, sir?" 2000 AD prog 1304.

Kali: "Cadet Sadberg! Your momma sure named you right! Anchor on that surface now, or I will personally emasculate you with an entrenching tool!" 2000 AD prog 1433.

Tommy Hoff (viewing ancient ruins): "We could learn so much from--"

Kali: "I'll tell you what we can learn. War sucks, and it leaves a heap of mess behind. But, y'know, I think we knew that already." 2000 AD prog 1490.

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