By Henry Flint


By Anthony Williams

Keege: "Like many of my generation, I am ashamed of the brutal behaviour of my forefathers." 2000 AD prog 1300.

Major Smith: "Suck it in, Keege! You talk all fine and high-minded, but there's one detail you can't change... you'll always be a frickin' Geek!" 2000 AD prog 1303.

Keege: "I may be G'egeekajee, but as one of your own philosophers said... the enemy of your enemy is your friend."

Major Smith: "Balls! The enemy of my enemy is in my way." 2000 AD prog 1304.

Keege: "Time will pass, Ryx. It will take your grief with it."1

Ryx: "What the hell would you know about it, Geek?"

Keege: "Nothing, I'm sure." 2000 AD prog 1432.

Keege: "We G'egeekajee use the inner phonemes as abbreviations. Such as eek-ek-aak, for kajeek'gedek'ka'aak, which means 'murderous pink-skins of Earth'."

Tommy Hoff: "Thank you, Mister Keege."

Keege: "No problem. Always happy to practise my spoken English." 2000 AD prog 1486.

'Loyalist' Geek: "G'egeekajee...?"

Keege: "That's right, you bastard. What's it going to take to make your kind see sense?" 2000 AD prog 1489.

Major Smith: "Oh, Keege. You stupid damn Geek idiot. Why d's have to pull a trick like this?" 2000 AD prog 1495.

1NB: This is precisely the wrong thing to say to someone who is grieving, as it is both unhelpful and untrue, but at least Keege's trying. Perhaps the writer of his textbook Human Social Interactions — Intermediate Level Syllabus was an idiot.

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