Ludy 2
Halo Jones: "You do okay, Ludy — you're a talent. Soon, you and Ice Ten are going to be big enough to get off the Hoop for good. I wish I was..."

Ludy: "Sure. And how do I survive until then?" 2000 AD prog 377.

Halo: "You rehearse till Ice Ten get signed by Chop Leisure and you're rich enough to quit this dump. Go on. Safe day, chiklette."

Ludy: "Yeah. Right. Safe day, Halo..." 2000 AD prog 378.

Ludy: "Maybe I don't wanna get killed in a side-artery just to make you proud of me! I'm sick of living up to your escape fantasies, Halo! I don't wanna listen to you any more!" 2000 AD prog 383.

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