Jaspers by Alan Davis

By Alan Davis

Mad Jim Jaspers: "Idiots! Get after him! I won't have my project ruined by some charlie in a Union Jack!" 'The Return of Captain Britain', X-Men Archives Featuring Captain Britain #1.

Alan Moore: "Not far away, a crooked man smiled a crooked smile. His name is Mad Jim Jaspers and his mind is a dark amusement park alive with nightmares. Everyone has forgotten about Mad Jim Jaspers. The extradimensional agent called Saturnyne, she has forgotten. Captain Britain, the superhuman from an alternate world, he has forgotten. And that was a mistake of terrible consequence." X-Men Archives Featuring Captain Britain #2.

Mad Jim Jaspers: "I'm the man with the answers, Captain! I'm the upside down box at the bottom of the page! I'm Mad Jim Jaspers. I think we've met." 'A Crooked World', Captain Britain (trade paperback) Vol 1 2.

Mad Jim Jaspers: "I'm a mutant. It's my brain, you know. It's very powerful. It bends reality to suit itself. And it gets stronger all the time."

Captain Britain: "Then... that's why everything's been so disjointed since I came to this world, so mad and illogical. It's you. You're gradually taking control of reality... and you're mad." 'Graveyard Shift', ibid.

Captain Britain: "Jaspers, if you're even remotely sane... You can't do this!!"

Sir James Jaspers, MP: "I'M NOT. AND I CAN." 'Anarchy in the UK', ibid.

Sir James Jaspers, MP addresses the Fury: "I say! You! Johnny football-face! Sorry to intrude, but I happen to be God in this neck of the woods, and... hmm. I say, have we met before?" 'Fool's Mate', ibid.

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