By David Hine

Rachel Verlaine (narrating): "Against the black velvet of space, Maldoror was a gleaming, blood-red jewel, holding a bright promise to the settlers who travelled from Earth, seeking truth and spiritual enlightenment. As their ship drew closer, a boiling mass of cloud gave the planet a cancerous look, and the bursts of energy it threw off filled them with awe and dread. On Maldoror they discovered the Omuli, a parasitic insect which rewarded its hosts with a gift — the power to alter their minds and bodies to achieve a symbiotic union with one another — and with the non-organic material of the planet itself. The settlers named themselves the New Flesh and prepared themselves for the final step in human evolution, when all mankind would become a single entity. Then Dorian Ventris showed up, like a cockroach in paradise. Maldoror became one more acquisition for the Ventris Corporation — a factory planet dedicated to the pursuit of a narcotic nirvana for the jaded population of Earth. Ventris' mercenaries had beaten the New Flesh into submission, but the secret of their power eluded him." 2000 AD prog 940.

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