Marlon Shakespeare

By Cam Kennedy

Chopper crosses the Pacific

By Steve Dillon

Middle-aged Chopper

By Henry Flint and Chris Blythe

Narrator: "The wind whips against him. The board seems alive beneath his feet. Once more the skies belong to THE MIDNIGHT SURFER. A few late night bat gliders circle on the thermals that rise between the city's giant housing blocks. An occasional hoverbus glides by like some great ocean liner of old. Otherwise, he is alone. A creature of the night skies, at one with his board. He digs his heel hard into the throttle pad — and goes into a series of breathtaking loops and spirals — a warm-up routine far beyond the scope of any but the most gifted power boarder." 2000 AD prog 424.

Narrator: "Trouble with the law is nothing new to him. They'd locked him away, tried to beat him down, break his spirit — turn him into a nobody like everyone else in this soul-crushing city. But they couldn't break Chopper — and now this is his day." 2000 AD prog 427.

Yogi Yakamoto: "You the best, boy. Nobody ever do what you do. You... King Surfer..." 2000 AD prog 429.

Narrator: "Only surfing has kept him sane. It has been many things to Marlon Shakespeare — a supreme joy... a means of expressing himself, of being someone... a symbol of his rebellion against the society he hates so much." 2000 AD prog 545.

Dredd: "I had plenty time to make the shot. But I didn't. Even now I don't know whether I could have... I don't know why... I guess I admired him. The kid had class... Seemed to me he deserved better than a bullet in the back." 2000 AD prog 572.

Narrator: "He's sitting in some studio in Oz. Smiling at footage of when he mattered. He's trying to look like he's happy, like he's found some peace. Like he's grown out of it too. But underneath, there's that look in his eye — that look that dults get. That look that says: Something happened to me. Something went missing and and I don't know what it was. I used to be a hero. And now I'm a stinkin' dult." Judge Dredd Megazine #302.

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