Nemesis the Warlock

By Kevin O'Neill


By Kevin O'Neill

Nemesis pin-up

By Bryan Talbot

Pat Mills: "We toyed for a long while with never seeing Nemesis, just having this mysterious figure in a car. But the dramatic expectations of the readers suggested to us that we would have to show him. Clearly, he had to live up to the image of the car, so one solution was to make his face like the car." Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop.

Nemesis the Warlock: "Beliefs are dangerous. They prevent people thinking for themselves."

Candida: "But your organisation is called 'Credo' — it means 'believe'."

Nemesis: "Yes, believe in yourself... think for yourself, Candy..." 2000 AD prog 534.

Narrator: "Sometimes she had an eerie feeling it was all a strange alien game he was playing... a game gods play with mortals for their amusement... ...A game that can sometimes get out of hand." 2000 AD prog 558.

Purity: "It's just that humans are good-looking on the outside and evil inside... while you're sort of... inside out!" 2000 AD prog 560.

Nemesis: "I've always thought human-beings [sic] were one big joke..." Ibid.

Nemesis: "Can you imagine the boredom of being what you would call a god..? A being capable of having anything he wants... Your planet — with its nightmare inhabitants — offers me excitement!" 2000 AD prog 566.

Purity: "You're evil!"

Nemesis: "Well, don't sound so surprised. Don't assume just because Torquemada is evil that I'm good. The followers of Khaos and Order can be either." Ibid.

Nemesis (narrating): "This should bore me... the endless fights... the endless punishment we inflict on each other... But... I just can't get enough of it. Fighting with the most insane creature from this asylum world... So violent. So dangerous. That's what makes it so exciting. So good." 2000 AD prog 593.

Torquemada: "Only I stand for order! And discipline! Especially discipline!"

Nemesis: "Basically I stand for having a good time..." 2000 AD prog 607.

Nemesis: "Never heard of the Qabbalah. Sounds like a load of qobblers to me." 2000 AD prog 726.

Citizen of Mega-City One: "I seen the devil walkin' up the side of the block, Judge! He said credo to me!" 2000 AD prog 1257.

Earthlet Ben Penfold-Marwick: "Nemesis the Warlock has always been and always will be my favourite. I love the ideology he promotes of believing in yourself and mistrusting religious leaders." Letter published in 2000 AD prog 2054.

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