Oola Blint

By Greg Staples

Oola Blint: "They always look so peaceful when it's over — free of life's cares. That's when I know we're doing good work." 2000 AD prog 1123.

Homer Blint: "Oh, grief, Oola, we're finished!"

Oola Blint: "Trust me. Grud is with us." 2000 AD prog 1124.

Oola Blint: "It's not the same, Homer -- when they come to you. When they want it... You have to take it to them. That's the joy of it, the satisfaction -- bringing euthanasia to people who never thought they needed it. You knock on their door and they open it, little realising that in just a few minutes they're going to be dead." 2000 AD prog 2005 (published December 2004).

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