Otto Sump markets Smart Sweets

By Ron Smith

Otto: "Take a tip from Captain Gunge — try my new captain's pie! It's full of sea-slugs, crushed shells, limpets... not forgetting plenty of old-fashioned swampweed! All pre-chewed, of course, and topped with a rich squid-ink sauce!" 2000 AD prog 280.

Otto: "Take it from me, you gotta be dumb to buy Smart Sweets!" 2000 AD prog 436.

Otto: "Judge Dredd! My old buddy!"

Dredd: "I'm nobody's buddy, Sump — least of all yours." Ibid.

Cheever Mahoon (advertising): "What name do you associate with high prices — low quality — and totally-useless-but-great fads? That's right — Otto Sump!" Judge Dredd Megazine 1.15.

Woman in advert: "After just one application of Otto Sump's pro-age dehydrating cream my skin looks stretched, flaky and oh so blotchy. Girls, I'm ready to party!"

Voiceover: "Otto Sump — because you're mildly insane." 2000 AD prog 1629.

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