By Massimo Belardinelli

Gruff (thinking): "Pole-Axe is a real nutter!" 2000 AD prog 198.

Louis the Lionman: "Pole-Axe! You rotten, double-crossing gorp! You turned my brigands into a murderous, rabid mob. It's you who should be dead!" 2000 AD prog 216.

"Savage, barbaric and unstable leader of the Yugee [sic] brigands. Although pretending to be an ally to Nick Stone's revolution against the cruel human masters of the Yujee World, Pole-Axe was only interested in getting his hands on the guns Stone had had made for the revolution. He ended up a traitor to his race by joining the evil leader of the humans, Leeshar." 2000 AD annual 1984.

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