D.R.: "I can honestly say that he is the most interesting adult that I have ever met." 2000 AD prog 350.

By Alan Davis

Pulger: "I'm just arranging these pungee-spikes in case Charlie tries a night attack! Ain't had this much fun since Ghoyogi!" Ibid.

Pulger: "GHOYOGI! It's a sneak attack, men! Let's feed these suckers some hot leaden death!" 2000 AD prog 351.

Pulger: "Isn't it terrific? We're at war with Ghoyogi again! Me an' the guys have enlisted for an eight-year tour of duty! Listen, I can't thank you kids enough..." Ibid.

Pulger (fending off hideous monster with gun made of soap): "Run for it, boys! You're young with your lives still ahead of you! I'll hold him off as long as I can!" 2000 AD prog 357.

Pulger: "Boys! I thought you were dead! I thought you'd become victims of this war... This damned, dirty little war." 2000 AD prog 358.

Pulger (in a dress): "Don't shoot, boys! I'm — I'm a famous film actress!" 2000 AD prog 359.

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