File:Rackman profile pic.jpg
Rackman: "They'd come and do things to you. Terrible things. Sometimes they'd come once a day, sometimes twice, sometimes three times... The only thing worse than being tortured is waiting to be tortured... The only way to survive was to want it. You learnt to like it. You started to need the pain..." 2000 AD prog 550.

Rackman: "I was torturer. Hundreds of men. Legs crushed. Eyes gouged. And worse... much worse... Krool tortured me... but in a different way... Have not... chased pain. Running. From guilt. Oh... I wished I was one of them. I wanted to look into my torturer's eyes." 2000 AD prog 580.

Danny Franks (narrating): "By the time Sheeva put an end to Rackman's pain, the fissure must have been nine feet wide. At the final moment, the pain became greater than his guilt. I suppose at that moment he was free of it." Ibid.

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