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Dexter by Andy Clarke and Chris Blythe

Andy Clarke and Chris Blythe


Mark Pingriff and Gary Caldwell

Simon Davis Dexter

Simon Davis

Oliver Dexter

Ben Oliver

Narrator: "His middle names celebrate, respectively, the site of his conception and the place of his birth. To wit, the Algonquin Hotel and a Winnebago trailer." 2000 AD prog 988.

Sinister: "Fast, ain't he? I'm a cannon merchant, meself. I'm slower, but I make bigger holes." 2000 AD prog 1025.

Ramone Dexter: "You so saved my life there, Demi. I was out of lead."

Demi Octavo: "That's not what I've heard, Ramone." 2000 AD prog 1030.

Narrator: "Moving faster than the eye can follow, Ramone Dexter's hands spit bullets almost before they have guns in them." 2000 AD prog 1064.

Dexter: "My mother, she was beautiful. She was always telling my father not to curse."

Psychiatrist: "And what would he say to that?"

Dexter: "'Vayase! The funting kid can't hear me! He's watching the scuzzing TV!' Stuff like that."

Psychiatrist: "And what is your happiest memory from that time?"

Dexter: "The TV." 2000 AD prog 1206.

Dexter: "You leave your emotions at the door. Every contract gets honoured. That's the way it goes. Not just the ones you don't mind filling." 2000 AD prog 1382.

Dexter: "Jump in the back and we'll get on with our sacred calling."

Kal Cutter: "What sacred calling?"

Dexter: "Making the world an asshole-free place, nine millimetres at a time..." 2000 AD prog 1385.

Dexter: "Your coffee. Is it lead-free?"

Barista: "O-of course!"

Dexter: "Let's keep it that way." 2000 AD prog 1429.

Dexter: "We're not your enemies. We're gun-sharks. We don't do grudges or feuds. We just do business. And no-one's paid us to ice you." 2000 AD prog 1459.

Sinister: "Ye know... this pretty much means we're quittin' the biz."

Dexter: "Wasn't that always the plan? Retirement, one fine day? We got plenty put by. Beach-front condo, his and his yachts..." 2000 AD prog 1463.

Rocky Rhodes (at Dexter's supposed grave): "You didn't want to say a few words?"

Sinister: "Couldn't think of none, 'side from 'Ay' and 'Vayase!' Anyways, Dex wasn't there to listen." 2000 AD prog 1508.

Sinister (narrating): "I owe him everythin', o' course. We've bin friends since ferever. Fer better, fer worse, as long as we both shall blah-de-blah-de-blah." 2000 AD prog 2007 (published December 2006).

Sinister: "I wuz thinkin', this van, yer chair... this is like Ironside, so it is."

Dexter: "Shut the funt up."

Narrator: "Two and a half hours of Ironside/Professor Xavier/Stephen Hawking/Special Olympics gags later..." 2000 AD prog 1535.

Finnigan Sinister: "Ye'll feel better once we've killed someone. Ye know how that always cheers ye up."

Dexter: "It's true. It does." 2000 AD prog 1951.

Polly Graff: "This butterscotch delight and his Emerald I'll-See-You-Later friend can't be hard to find." 2000 AD prog 2059.