Raven: "Ar, 'tis Morag's tame raven, Naarku! 'E's brought oi the command of the black whortleberries! Red 'uns mean stay away... but black 'uns mean come at once!" (Thank you for that invaluable piece of intelligence, Raven. We will never again get our whortleberries mixed up.)

Raven: "Garn! Morag's brushed me feet with the feather of Naarku." (Those long winter nights must just fly by.)

"I ain't afeared of t'ball...but 'tis not for a Lengro to be playin' footer with girls! You leave oi alone!" (Raven, protesting that he doesn't want any girls coming anywhere near his balls.)

Raven: "Tha's got no clover on thy lawn, 'as tha', Master 'Agan? Tends it better'n Wembley pitch, 'e do! So I kin play at footer wi' them missies without fallin' into any 'oles!" (I'm not even going to go there...)

Raven: "By crackey!" (Favourite exclamation.)

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