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Ritterstahl 1913

By Neil Roberts


By John M. Burns

2000 AD prog 2014 cover

By Neil Roberts

Ritterstahl: "Importing personality matrix... Warning! Battery low!"

Anna Kohl: "Iron devil! Baphomet! You'll not take me, Satan!" 2000 AD prog 2015.

Ritterstahl: "I'm an automaton — a mechanism, like the inner workings of a clock." 2000 AD prog 1912.

Iron John: "Ritterstahl? You... you smell terrible. Also, you have no legs." 2000 AD prog 1913.

Ritterstahl: "There will be no history — causality will collapse — everything will end! — if the wurms invade local spacetime." 2000 AD prog 1916.

Bystander: "Aahh! Devils walk amongst us!"

Ritterstahl: "Achtung! Get out the way! This timeframe is under attack!" 2000 AD prog 1917.

Wurm: "What is wrong, Ritterstahl? Do my kisses and caresses not please you?"

Ritterstahl: "This is not real. It is a glamour... A simulation. You're not Anna Kohl. You're... software. Part of some local wurm network that has infiltrated my CPU." 2000 AD prog 1919.

Anna Kohl: "Ritterstahl? You're — You are naked and no longer made of metal." 2000 AD prog 1921.

Queen Necalli: "The saga of the five suns. It tells how Metzlacatl fell through a hole in the sky, down into the world of men. He came from the black epoch. The sunless times where the Coatl — the serpent men — wage their final war against the engine-gods." 2000 AD prog 1961.

Anna Kohl: "He was my soulmate, you know. He brought me to life when life itself had given up on me." 2000 AD prog 1966.

Taras Sich: "What is our plan? Kill wyrms, break things, and burn this damn place to the ground?"

Ritterstahl: "Same as always, old friend... ...We fight until we fall." 2000 AD prog 1971.

Rittestahl: "She is gone — truly gone! — and I... I cannot weep." 2000 AD prog 2016.

Narrator (Iztaccihuatl's point of view): "Ritterstahl, however, seems more human to her than he did in London. Angry, obsessed with revenge... Losing Anna Kohl has diminished him, somehow." 2000 AD prog 2017.

Daniel Calhoun: "You are not alone. We are brothers, Ritterstahl. Now and forever." 2000 AD prog 2019.

Intuitor Browne: "My friend. You knew we could not win. Yet still you came. Still you fought. Is that not the true measure of a man?" 2000 AD prog 2021.

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