Friday 2

By Ron Smith

Friday (narrating): "Gaia watches over me. Like a sister. Like the moon." 2000 AD prog 669.

Friday (narrating): "Heat would have destroyed human flesh. Even moving low, under the fireball. But not mine. Not Genetic Infantry. Smoke hid me as I climbed. Now I'm higher than hill three nine two. Higher than the whole planet. Scorched, scarred, but still alive. Blank out now. Stop breathing. Rest. Heal. I'm coming in, Highside. For my brothers. For us all. For all our trapped, doomed lives." 2000 AD prog 671.

Friday (narrating): "The roar of the explosion is like music, too. Neither better nor worse than any other music. Just music of another kind." 2000 AD prog 716.

Friday (narrating): "She yearned to find a place untouched by war. I hope you've found it, Gaia. I hope-- one day-- we'll be together there." 2000 AD prog 719.

Lucky: "You know how Friday got his name? Some gene-tech was in a rush to get home and forgot to burn out his human genes. Voila! A hacked-out G.I. with a full complement of emotions. A Friday job." 2000 AD prog 964.

Venus Bluegenes: "You're an anthropomorphic, thermo-nuclear, cobalt blue, bipedal battleship. You aren't bad. You were just designed that way."

Friday: "Gee, thanks for the words of comfort, Venus. The clouds have really lifted and I can hear birds singing..." 2000 AD prog 966.

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