Roxy O'Rourke

By Jim Baikie

Jim Baikie: "I basically wanted to convey a modern, energetic, independent young woman, who took no shit from anyone." Judge Dredd Megazine #385.

Narrator (Skizz's P.O.V.): "The ape creature's primitive vu-box displays more of the madness, fills his head with more of the harsh, raucous cries. Why should this one be any different? It looks no different. The same hairless, pink face. The pungent, animal odour... But it hasn't tried to hurt him. Not yet." 2000 AD prog 311.

Skizz: "Because of... me... you will never... become... a comet."

Roxy: "A star."

Skizz: "Apologies... a star... I... have... denied you this... opportunity." 2000 AD prog 326.

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