Sam 2

By Googe and Caldwell

Clive: "It's fair to say you don't immediately seem... well-suited."

Simon: "That's not true. She's... she's just kinda... different. Y'know, she's the kind who doesn't want a guy who is just ordinary..." 2000 AD prog 1825.

Awesome barbarian babe riding giant lizard: "Look, sisters... fresh weakling man-flesh!"

Sam: "Oh, this one I definitely like." 2000 AD prog 1826.

Sam: "You actually save the worlds you go to...? We just fight rubbish monsters with random sports equipment and then mostly run away." 2000 AD prog 1974.

Sam (under the influence of mind control): "Hey, I've just had a great idea! Why don't I go get changed into the naughty French maid outfit that's just appeared in my room, then we can bake Kev a really amazing cake!" 2000 AD prog 1978.

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