By Brian Bolland

2000 AD prog 504 cover

By Bryan Talbot

Satanus at the circus

By Bryan Talbot

Satanus by Colin MacNeil

By Colin MacNeil

Narrator: "The dark one gorged itself on the juicy meat — then swallowed some boulders to digest it. He screeched out his joy... It was GREAT to be alive again! He had been given a second chance... born again into this strange new world and he would RULE! Like he and his kind had ruled the Earth millions of years ago!" 2000 AD prog 73 (during the story of The Cursed Earth).

'Bull' Cannon: ""The way we see it, Judge... the tyrant lizards ruled for millions of years at the beginning of the world... and now they'll rule again at the end of the world! It's a judgement on the human race!" 2000 AD prog 74 (during the story of The Cursed Earth).

Narrator: "At the end of Satanus' adventure in the Cursed Earth, it was foretold that he would return. The awful thing he was going to do would make him even greater than Old One Eye... Yes, the world had not seen the last of Satanus the Unchained!" 2000 AD prog 436.

Narrator: "Normally, Satanus followed a cycle... one day killing, two days lounging about doing nothing... Now, with a massive bulk to support, his hunger became a rage... he needed flesh!"

Thoth: "No, Thing! Heel! Heel!"

Narrator: "But Satanus had gone along with Thoth in the past only because it suited him. No one gave him orders!" 2000 AD prog 441.

Narrator: "Satanus looked down at the blood pouring from his wounds. It took a few seconds for his tiny brain to realise it was his own. It made him... angry!" 2000 AD prog 442.

Thoth: "Look, Thing... I've brought you food!"

Narrator: "But the dark one had lost his usual appetite for flesh..."

Thoth: "Come on! You must eat! Let me cut him up for you!"

Narrator: "Thoth made Satanus some broth — filled with all the tasty bits he really liked."

Thoth: "Just another mouthful. It's good for you." 2000 AD prog 444.

Narrator: "The time had come to put away childish things."

Thoth: "Goodbye, Thing!" 2000 AD prog 552.

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