Scarlet O'Gasmeter 2

By Jamie Hewlett

Scarlet O'Gasmeter (talking to Hewligan): "My feet never quite touch the ground, my fingers never quite touch the things I hold. I'm like you, I'm just plain out of tune." 2000 AD prog 702.

Hewligan (narrating): "Scarlet O'Gasmeter's sweet perfume of roses and cheese and onion crisps bore me like the golden wonder wings of scented succubi. Do succubi have wings? Right then I didn't care." 2000 AD prog 706.

Scarlet O'Gasmeter: "Decided I want a travelling companion. Maybe we can find a world where we're both in tune and feel at home. In the meantime, we can just have some fun, eh? There's so much to see out there, Hewligan!" 2000 AD prog 707.

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