Schmidt 1919

Schmidt by John M. Burns

Schmidt: "Anna, none of us chose this life. All we can do is make the best of the gifts we are given... for some, it can be a heavy weight to bear." 2000 AD prog 1914.

Schmidt: "Teutonic knights... Pfft! Mercenaries that hide behind the cross while they terrorise and 'tax' the peasants of a dozen lands... you give decent Germans a bad name!" 2000 AD prog 1915.

Schmidt: "Gott im Himmel... While we grew old and complacent, their vassal was busy raising an army of abominations..." 2000 AD prog 1918.

Schmidt: "This is blasphemy! An abomination! Men were meant to live one life, then serve in Heaven at God's right hand!" 2000 AD prog 1919.

Schmidt (last words): "The Lord is my sheph— AAAAAHHHHHH!" 2000 AD prog 1922.

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