Skizz in custody

By Jim Baikie

Skizz (Character)

By Jim Baikie

Skizz (Character) 2

By Jim Baikie

Narrator: "He sees the strange, deformed buildings, the giant alien structures that reek of poison. What can they be like, he wonders, the creatures that built these horrifying monuments?" 2000 AD prog 309.

Narrator: "He couldn't breathe the air without feeling giddy. He couldn't eat the food without vomiting. He couldn't walk without bouncing. But Interpreter Zhcchz of the Tau-Ceti Imperium believed he was making progress with the language. The ape-creature was 'Rahk-See'. The planet was called 'Burmy-Gam'. The food he had been unable to stomach was called a 'beck-fuss'." 2000 AD prog 312.

Van Owen: "How much did she tell you ebout our defences? Did she mention missiles? What exectly did she sey ebout the army?"

Skizz: "The police..."

Van Owen: "Right! So we're finally getting somewhere. What exectly did she say ebout the police?"

Skizz: "She... said they... weren't... as good... as madness. I did... not... understand her... at the... time. I think... I... understand her... now." 2000 AD prog 319.

Skizz: "You... refuse to... understand. When technology... has reached... a certain level... weapons... are redundant. When you already have... all that you need, then... why fight?" 2000 AD prog 321.

Narrator: "He had been with these ape-creatures for too long. Their insanity had contaminated him. He was unclean." Ibid.

Lawrence Taylor: "Once it's all over the media they'll 'ave to 'old an enquiry or something. Nobody'll be able to touch you."

Skizz: "That... is good. I have... grown tired... of people touching me." 2000 AD prog 324.

Roxanne O'Rourke: "Spaghetti Junction. I bet you don't have anything like this back where you come from."

Skizz: "We have... abstract sculptures... of similar... size... and complexity... ...But we... do.. not.. permit... our people... to drive vehicles... over.. them." 2000 AD prog 327.

Skizz: "They... they were cruel and ugly. There was so much hate and despair... and so much love. What are they like, Shipmaster? I will tell you... Some of them have style... And some of them have their pride... And some of them... Some of them are stars." 2000 AD prog 330.

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