Steve Smith

By Mike McMahon

Steve Smith 2

By Garry Leach

Anthony Williams Steve Smith

By Anthony Williams

Steve Smith (thinking): "The vacuum cleaners. It's a crazy name, but maybe that Earthside general was right. I'd better start learning all over again, and fit into this squad... otherwise I'll find myself going out in a space coffin!" 2000 AD prog 140.

Ringer: "It's that damn rookie Earthworm, Jupe. He's giving me the creeps lurking behind me all sweaty." 2000 AD prog 141.

Smith (thinking): "I did the right thing — the only thing. I saved Dwarf Star's brother from a fate worse than death, but I blew any chance of being his buddy. Yeah... I'm beginning to learn it's a dirty job keeping space clean!" 2000 AD prog 146.

Smith (narrating): "I saw people burned where they stood. I saw guys in solar kites turn into fireballs and heard the city's paddy fields boil. It was mass murder and the Geeks were the killers." 2000 AD prog 151.

Jupe: "Leave Smith be. You laughed at him for being soft, but now he ain't. He's getting space hard 'cos he's been hit hard!" 2000 AD prog 155.

Smith: "Me? Yeah, I still get the spooks. I know, I know! Even after fifty years, what can I say? It screwed me up then and I'm screwed up still." 2000 AD prog 1300.

Captain: "What the frick does that idiot think he's doing?"

Jupe: "No idea, captain... but he's the only man I can see not dying or talking out of his ass!" 2000 AD prog 1301.

Smith: "If it doesn't hurt, they ain't learning properly." 2000 AD prog 1433.

Smith (narrating): "The hornery, stubborn bit of me remembers three things: the cold, hard life that made me a star-trooper. The cold, hard weight of the weapon in my hands. And the cold, hard mantra of the V.C.s that says you're only dead when you're hit. I ain't hit yet." 2000 AD prog 1439.

Smith (to the Polity): "I'll show you violence. Seriously, I'll ram it so far up your ugly ass you'll have to stand on tippy-toe to swallow!" 2000 AD prog 1440.

Smith (to the Geeks): "Hi. Name's Smith. Take me to your leader." 2000 AD prog 1441.

Smith: "Vape 'em! Then vape 'em again! Then vape 'em once more for luck!" 2000 AD prog 1490.

Smith: "I guess... I guess you could say that I was pretty anti-war, as it goes." 2000 AD prog 1492.

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