Terri profile pic
Terri: "Craig? It really is you? Your face... it's just how I imagined it would look: strong but kind... grim but heroic..." 2000 AD prog 556.

Narrator: "All her life in the pen she'd tried to imitate her machine masters. To make her body hard and muscular. Working out... body building... pumping iron. She'd taught herself to absorb pain without flinching — like a robot. To turn her hated soft skin into steel — like a robot. To work for days, never tiring — never giving up — like a robot." 2000 AD prog 558.

Hammerstein (narrating): "For the first time I feel hope. For the first time, there is meaning to my life. For the first time, there is Terri. A robot trapped in a body of flesh. Her muscles oiled and greased like a machine. She's fallen for a human trapped in a body of steel. Me — dumb, old fashioned Hammerstein. They say opposites attract. And it feels so good, I ask myself why it never happened before." 2000 AD prog 560.

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